November 08, 2022 by Romain Bouqueau

For Immediate Release, Tuesday, 8th November 2022

Motion Spell deploys GPAC Open Source Software with Netflix to build a flexible encoding and packaging platform

Graphics showing how GPAC and Motion Spell are used by Netflix - Author: Stephanie Malikowski - Copyright: Motion Spell S.A.R.L.

Paris, France, 8th November 2022 - Today, Motion Spell is able to announce the conclusion of an 18-month transition phase, working with the world’s leading streaming entertainment service, Netflix, for the integration of GPAC Open Source Software into Netflix's worldwide content operations.

The GPAC Project on Advanced Content (GPAC), is an open source software that provides a modular multimedia framework for packaging, streaming, inspecting and playing content. It provides a wide range of tools for processing media content and has a strong focus on standards.

Motion Spell SARL, based in Paris, who exclusively handles commercial licensing for GPAC, also provided consulting expertise to Netflix’s R&D division as part of the deal.

Netflix produces large amounts of packaged media every day. At this scale, robust packaging tools are crucial. Netflix also constantly innovates on its packaging recipes. For example, they recently started publishing AOM's AV1 packages. Their packaging tools hence need to be flexible, and adaptable to new technologies. Netflix reaches a wide variety of devices: from TVs, to set-top boxes, to mobile devices. To that end, they rely on the use of standards, such as the ISO Base Media File Format (ISOBMFF) and thus need standard-compliant tools.

Romain Bouqueau, CEO of Motion Spell, said, “Netflix is a company with an exceptional team, clear goals and an innovative R&D programme. Combining our expertise made the transition process to GPAC very efficient. We’re delighted that Netflix has gained in flexibility, while GPAC has gained a customer who respects the value of open source software.”

Anne Aaron, Director of Encoding Technologies at Netflix, said, “As part of our strategy to build a flexible and efficient packaging platform, we needed a strong partner with deep expertise of the best encoding and packaging tools. Working with Motion Spell helped make the entire process of integration incredibly easy.“

More about Motion Spell:
Motion Spell ( is a media technology software and consulting company founded in 2012. It is the exclusive commercial licensor of the GPAC open source software (formerly known as “GPAC Licensing”). GPAC is an open-source multimedia framework focused on modularity and standards compliance. GPAC provides tools to process, inspect, package, encrypt, stream, playback and interact with media content. GPAC ( is best-known for its wide MP4/ISOBMFF capabilities and is popular among video enthusiasts, academic researchers, standardization bodies and professional broadcasters. Motion Spell also develops and operates solutions on compliance-testing under the name “Abstract”, and an over-the-top live subtitle inserter called “SubStance”.

For further information:
Romain Bouqueau
CEO, Motion Spell
Tel: +33 614 685 991

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