May 09, 2013 by Romain Bouqueau

GPAC Licensing

Welcome to the GPAC Licensing website!

GPAC Licensing aims to bring GPAC to the next level of cooperation with our industry partners. GPAC has been used by many of the industry key players and licensed several times. GPAC has never shown so much interest: SVC, fragmented MP4, DASH, HEVC... are at the heart of today's technology! You can find more about the GPAC team and the GPAC public website.

Our offer is architectured around:

We also propose a FAQ to answer the most common questions. You'll also find information on this blog.

You can know more about the GPAC leading tools:

Please contact us if you want us to write an article on a specific subject or have any question.

The GPAC Licensing team

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