GPAC Licensing

Outstanding Streaming Workflows

With more than 100.000 downloads per year, GPAC is a popular open-source multimedia framework focused on modularity and standard compliance.

GPAC Licensing is the commercial arm of GPAC. Before GPAC Licensing there was no easy way to get commercial licenses, support, trainings, and custom developments for GPAC. Motion Spell started with GPAC Licensing.

GPAC features libraries and tools to:

  • package
  • encrypt
  • stream
  • inspect
  • playback enhanced media content
Such content can be any combination of audio, video, subtitles, metadata, scalable graphics, encryption, 3D, and scripting, and interactions.

GPAC is considered as the reference implementation for the MP4 file format. The project is popular among video enthusiasts, academic researchers, standardization bodies, and profesional broadcasters.

Tech Specs

  • Containers: MP4/fMP4/CMAF/MOV/ProRes
  • Audio: MPEG audio (mp1/2/3, AAC, Opus)
  • Video: MPEG-1, 2, 4 part2 (XViD, DivX), 4 part 10 (H264/AVC), -H (HEVC), AV1, VP9, ProRes
  • Subtitles: WebVTT, TTML (full, EBU-TTD, IMSC, SMPTe-TT), 3GPP/Apple Timed Text, SRT
  • Encryption: CENC, PIFF, ISMA, OMA
  • Supported IOs: local files, pipes, UDP/TCP, HTTP(S), custom IO
  • Presentation formats: MPEG-4 BIFS, SVG Tiny 1.2, VRML/X3D
  • JS/Python: scripting
  • 3D support: 360 videos, WebGL JS filters
  • Inputs: microphone, camera, desktop grabbing


Netflix leverages GPAC to package their whole on-demand catalog. This involves handling production formats, previews, and distribution.

Molotov built a live professional distribution encoder suited to their needs. This encoder has original features that allows Molotov to scale easily, have a drop-in replacement to professional appliances, and have privilege reporting of events to make managing costs the lowest.

Bevara leverages the power of MP4 advanced features for archiving purposes.

Eopin Oy built a dynamic language learning app using advanced chaptering and concatenation features.

Elemental leveraged the GPAC MP4Client player to support 4K 10 bits 60 fps streams at NAB 2014, allowing them to be the first company to showcase an encoder with such capability.

Eutelsat implemented a SAT/IP gateway and a SAT/IP mobile player using GPAC.

IRT built datasets for their members using MP4Box.

INA is a training institution that the GPAC Licensing team trained on adaptive streaming.