Effortless Integration with SubStance

Universal Accessibility & Compliance with SubStance

In today's global media landscape, ensuring your content is accessible to all audiences is not just a courtesy, but a necessity. SubStance, from Motion Spell, is your key to achieving low latency in over-the-top subtitling while complying with international standards.

  • Are you trying to navigate international accessibility regulations?
  • Do you need to inject accessibility content while at the same time ensuring low-latency and avoiding the need to re-encode?
  • Are you concerned about the budget impact of upgrading or replacing existing enclosure to meet the new standards?

Navigating Global Accessibility Regulations

Subtitles and captions are crucial for breaking down language barriers. However, with varying accessibility regulations worldwide, creating a universally compliant solution can be challenging. SubStance simplifies this process, ensuring your content is not only accessible but also compliant with global standards.

Key Features of Substance

  • Effortless Global Compliance: Navigate through international accessibility regulations with ease, ensuring legal compliance and universal accessibility.
  • Cost-Efficient, Infinite Subtitle Profiles: Support unlimited subtitling profiles without stretching your budget, ensuring perfect synchronization without the need for re-encoding or CDN configuration modifications.
  • Seamless Integration: Works with standard DASH/HLS URLs, performing fMP4 muxing of TTML to generate live DASH outputs that integrate with popular CDNs.

Your Next Step Towards Global Accessibility

Don't let the complexity of regulations limit your content's reach. With SubStance, ensure your media is universally accessible and understood.

GPAC Licensing : Commercial arm of GPAC

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Technical Details

  • Inputs: MPEG-DASH or HLS URL, and TTML.
  • Outputs: Generates a local file or pushes to a CDN using HTTP requests.
  • Live Editing: Modifies DASH/HLS manifests with minimal adjustments.
  • Synchronization Toolbox:ensures flawless synchronization between content and subtitles.
  • Deployment: Operates both on-premise or in the cloud.

Featured Use Cases