Experts in GPAC

Integration / Migration Support

The integration of advanced frameworks like GPAC is not just about technical implementation; it's about ensuring a seamless, efficient and future-proofed media environment. At Motion Spell, our professional services are designed to bridge the gap between the technical complexities of GPAC and the practical needs of your business.

With a deep understanding of both the technology and the industry, we provide bespoke solutions that are not only technically sound but also strategically aligned with your business objectives. From initial integration to ongoing support and specialized training, Motion Spell is ready to guide you through every step of the GPAC integration process, ensuring that you can leverage the full power of this cutting-edge multimedia framework.

Motion Spell provides pre-deployment assistance, ensuring that GPAC integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. With unlimited, fixed priced support customized to your specific needs to ensure a seamless incorporation of GPAC into your technical environment. This service includes:

  • Tailored Support & Delivery Assurance: Covering specific integration aspects and ensuring the Completion of all tasks and milestones, culminating in the deployment of the GPAC software within the client's technical environment.
  • Acceptance Testing: Conducting and passing agreed-upon acceptance tests to demonstrate that the GPAC software operates according to the functional and performance criteria specified.
  • Warranty Period: Post-delivery bug-fixing support to ensure the GPAC integration functions as intended.

Ongoing Professional Support

We offer two tiers of ongoing support, each designed to cater to different levels of need and engagement. Our goal is to provide a flexible and responsive support structure that aligns with your unique requirements, including priority response times, prioritization of new developments on the GPAC roadmap, early access to new features and opportunities for direct collaboration on specific GPAC functionalities.

1) Essential Support: This package is ideal for clients seeking basic yet effective support. It includes dedicated assistance from our Development Team, ensuring timely acknowledgment and addressing of your queries and issues. This option is perfect for those who need reliable support without the necessity for extensive, hands-on engagement.

2) Comprehensive Support: Tailored for clients who require more in-depth and rapid response, this package offers extensive support, including direct access to our Chief Architect for complex issues. It's designed for businesses that demand a higher level of involvement and strategic guidance, ensuring top-priority attention and resolution of requests.

GPAC Training

Our commitment extends to providing comprehensive training sessions, tailored to empower your team with a deep understanding of GPAC's capabilities. We offer a range of training options, from introductory courses to advanced workshops, all designed to equip your team with the skills necessary to fully utilize GPAC in your operations. Whether it's through live virtual workshops or customized on-site sessions, our training programs are crafted to meet your specific learning objectives and operational needs.

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