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Revolutionizing Live Streaming with Quortex

Overview: Quortex, now a part of Synamedia's innovative video streaming solutions, introduced a paradigm shift in media processing with their “just-in-time-everything” approach. Their collaboration with Motion Spell ensured the technology's success, offering flexibility and efficiency in live streaming.

Details: Traditional 24/7 transcoders, designed to run continuously, faced challenges with scalability and cost. Quortex's approach divided the media pipeline into small, manageable components, allowing for on-demand generation of content. This innovative method, combined with Motion Spell's expertise, ensured efficient live streaming with minimal latency. The technology was used to deliver the DASH and HLS streams to all Quortex customers. The technology's success led to Synamedia's decision to acquire of Quortex, showcasing the potential of their combined vision and capabilities with the assistance of Motion Spell.

Working with Motion Spell

Motion Spell's professional services for Quortex showcased our commitment to innovation and adaptability. Quortex's unique just-in-time-everything paradigm required a robust and flexible solution, and GPAC was the perfect fit. Motion Spell’s strategic and continuous engagement ensured that Quortex's vision was realized, allowing them to offer a highly effective and efficient live streaming solution. With Motion Spell's expertise, Quortex was able to leverage GPAC's capabilities to its fullest, ensuring a seamless and optimized streaming experience for their users.

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