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Fox Networks Group

Transitioning to IP Technologies with Fox

Overview: Fox Networks Group, foreseeing the limitations of their existing SDI infrastructure, aimed to transition to IP technologies. With GPAC's capabilities, they successfully undertook this transformation, ensuring efficient monitoring of UHD streams, with the help of Motion Spell.

Details: With the rise of OTT and 4K, Fox recognized the need to move beyond SDI, and so they turned to GPAC for its multiple capabilities. Notably they commissioned the support of Dektec SDI UHD cards for monitoring. This collaboration ensured that Fox, moving forward, could now efficiently monitor both SDI and DASH UHD streams, with minimal maintenance, ensuring their position at the forefront of broadcasting technology.

Working with Motion Spell

Motion Spell’s engagement with Fox was focused on exploring the potential of IP technologies to underpin their infrastructure. Motion Spell’s consulting expertise and development capabilities led to the successful integration of GPAC, enabling Fox to monitor SDI and DASH UHD streams efficiently. Motion Spell's expertise ensured that Fox's transition to IP technologies was smooth, paving the way for future innovations.

GPAC Licensing : Commercial arm of GPAC

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