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Digital Theater Systems (DTS)

Elevating DTS's Audio Technologies through Specification Compliance

Overview: DTS (Digital Theater Systems), renowned for its audio technology and solutions, sought to evaluate and enhance the compliance of their bitstream format specifications. Motion Spell provided the expertise, leading to significant improvements across DTS's offerings.

Details: Years into its operation, DTS had established specifications based on their software implementation. However, to ensure these specifications' robustness and reliability, DTS engaged Motion Spell, resulting in a comprehensive evaluation of DTS's specifications, software, and test suite. The insights gained allowed DTS to rectify issues across the board, instilling confidence in their product releases. Additionally, the modelization of their specification enabled DTS to generate parsers across various languages with minimal effort.

Working with Motion Spell

Motion Spell's engagement with DTS was focused on evaluating the conformance and coverage of their specifications and test suite. Our comprehensive assessment allowed DTS to refine their offerings, ensuring alignment between their software, specifications, and test suite. Our expertise not only enhanced DTS's confidence in their products but also streamlined their processes.

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