October 08, 2021 by Romain Bouqueau

Internship on 5G Video #GPAC #open-source

The future of video is on mobility. 5G is the next generation of mobility standards. The GPAC team is active on standardization. That's why the GPAC open-source software is the perfect testbed for 5G video scenarios.

In this internship you'll work on the following:

  • Ultra high definition (UHD) video streams: beautiful!
  • Multicast over 5G protocols: fun!
  • Porting demos on Android: mobile!
These technologies are already available to some extent in GPAC so you'll be able to experiment right away. The basis of the software stack is deployed in the U.S. under the name ATSC3. Contact us and we'll tell you more!

This internship is proposed in coordination with Ateme (leader), Motion Spell, and Telecom Paristech.


  • Last year of engineering school or Msc in computer science.
  • You have a background in scripting (shell script or javascript or python) and programming languages (esp. C).

Practical information:

  • Gross indemnification: 1500 euros per month + transportation card + possibility to get a job at the end!
  • Places: ATEME's offices in France (Meylan (38) or Rennes (35) or Vélizy (78).
  • Starts in February 2022.

Contact us

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