March 18, 2020 by Romain Bouqueau

Quortex and Motion Spell join forces to deliver best-of-breed DASH streams

Quortex and Motion Spell logos

Rennes, Paris, March 18th 2020

Quortex announced today that they are partnering with Motion Spell, the provider of the GPAC solution, for delivering their live streams at scale. Motion Spell designed a unique software function that fits with the “Just-In-Time Everything” approach of Quortex, and is now used for delivering the DASH streams to all the Quortex customers.

“Motion Spell has been incredibly fast in understanding our approach and has built a stateless packaging function that was integrated very easily in our cloud workflow.” says Marc BAILLAVOINE, CEO of Quortex. “We are extremely happy to bring the unique expertise of Motion Spell to our customers that will enjoy the latest DASH evolutions and benefit from the great interoperability of the Motion Spell software with all the devices, both on mobile and on the main screen.”

“Quortex revolutionary approach to media processing was immediately spotted by our team.”, says Romain BOUQUEAU, CEO of MOTION SPELL, “Quortex have a strong vision and working with them felt very natural. We are proud Quortex chose us to design and develop parts of their workflow, and we are happy to count them as a customer and a partner”.

About Quortex

Founded in 2018, Quortex revolutionizes the world of video delivery over the Internet by offering a multi-cloud native, AI-fuelled video delivery solution. This enables content owners to dramatically decrease costs while increasing reliability of the delivery path. Based on patented technologies, Quortex’s “Just-In-Time Everything, Everywhere” technology keeps infrastructure costs to a minimum, while dynamically adapting to audience variability and network dynamics. Find out more at

About Motion Spell

Motion Spell enables media companies to develop outstanding products. Best known for running “GPAC Licensing”, commercializing the GPAC open-source framework, a leading packaging and streaming solution, Motion Spell’s expertise ranges from SDKs (Signals), to conformance tools (Abstract), VR and Standardization (VRTogether/Immersive Accessibility), and cloud enabled solutions (Firekast), with a proven technical and business track-record. Motion Spell has contracted and sold licenses to all major companies. Find out more at

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