September 18, 2019 by Romain Bouqueau

IBC 2019 organization comments

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This year IBC was in our opinion the best edition of the last five years. After a disappointing NAB 2019, and a very disappointing IBC 2018, IBC 2019 made conservative choices to concentrate on what is essential.

First we are still waiting for IBC's official number but let's not elude: there were less people (visitors and exhibitors) than last year. This is a trend that has started in 2014. We are not sure this is avoidable as trade shows of our industry have turned from a meeting for enthusiasts with companies bringing their whole teams to a giant social event. However starting on Saturday and until Tuesday we report buses on students coming on our booth. This is unacceptable.

Fortunately this year IBC was more focused on the professional video industry. Fancy startups and service companies that we could see at NAB this year (or at IBC the previous years) were apparently discouraged to participate.

Another benefit of unpacking and filtering companies is that we could feel more space and more relevant locations for companies. While looking for potential partners this proved as a huge game-saver. The press area was also gathered in one unique place and there was no fancy massage or haircut booths.

This is the first year that we find useful information in the "IBC Daily". The mobile application and the IBC365 program also helped to make IBC a more connected event.

Although IBC saturates Amsterdam in term of accommodations, the RAI, where IBC is located, is now very well connected by all kind of transportations. Since last year you can eat decently without leaving the RAI thanks to the numerous foodtrucks installed in the courtyard in the center of the RAI.

The Future Zone showed its real potential. A lesser density of booths with more space allowed projects to present themselves more effectively. The IABM Future Trends Theater was open to anybody with an interesting program and proved to be full each time I came by.

Yet IBC could benefit from a few improvements. In the short term the conferencing part could be more selective. While there were prestigious organizations around the table we didn't feel the outcome of the presentations and round tables was up to the stake. Also IBC has no reason to stay free for visitors (each year during the week-end the show is filled with wanderers which is clearly not cool for exhibitors).

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