January 24, 2018 by Rodolphe Fouquet

This All Javascript Mania has to stop

During the few past years, the price of DRAM has droppped significantly... well, not in 2017.

Here is the example of the price of a DDR4 2400MHz stick from February 2017 to January 2018. With a lot at $27 in May 2017, it is now at $97. It's around a 3.5 folds increase.

Following that memory abundance available on computers, more and more desktop applications have been developed using technologies such as Electron, NW.js. To give you an example, here is a list of popular applications relying on those technologies:

  • Slack (Electron)
  • Atom (Electron)
  • Visual Studio Code (Electron)
  • Spotify (Electron)
  • WhatsApp desktop (Electron)
  • Discord (Electron)
  • Popcorntime (NW.js)

Although practical from a development standpoint (HTML5/CSS, lots of npm repositories, Javascript being a super easy language), those applications are memory hogs, and when you are a developper running at least 2 of those apps (saying Slack + Atom + Spotify if you're listening your music), it hurts your ram that way:

For example:

  1. Open Atom, I open my projet... 460MB of ram used
  2. Same with Sublime Text... 41MB used

It's an 11 times increase, with apps eating RAM like that, 8GB are really not enough, this has to stop.

What will 2018 be made of?

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