January 02, 2017 by Romain Bouqueau

Insights for 2017

Dear readers,

Happy new year!

2016 was a very good year businesswise for GPAC. In our sense we will just keep on improving things we started in 2016.

But 2016 was a sad year for our industry: standards failed to gather because of patents issues for both MPEG HEVC and MPEG DASH. And MPEG CMAF, while being a good step for convergence, won't be the standard that will unite Apple HLS and MPEG DASH. The industry also failed to build some efficient solutions to deploy UHD.

These uncertainty allowed to accelerate some transitions: SDI to IP (2022-6), improvements on AVC encoding, first deployments of VR and AR. 2017 could also be the year of democratization of video.

For our wishes, we will just quote Jacques Brel in 1968:

I wish for you dreams which never end,
and the furious desire to achieve some of them.

I wish for you to love what must be loved
and forget what must be forgotten.

I wish you passions.

I wish you silences.
I wish for you birdsongs upon awakening
and the laughters of children.

I wish for you to resist the downtroddeness,
the indifference,
the negative virtues of our times.

Above all I wish for you to be you.​

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