March 21, 2016 by Romain Bouqueau

Guidelines on how to embed TTML in MP4 and DASH


After a discussion at IBC 2015 with our partners from BBC, IRT and EBU, we found that there was a lot of confusion when it came to distributing TTML content in ISOBMF/MP4, especially with MPEG-DASH. Practical use-cases include HbbTV 2.0 which mandates TTML/EBU-TT-D profile. Since Cyril Concolato from the GPAC team is also an editor of the according specification, we thought it could be useful to edit some guidelines.


The guidelines can be found on github.


Some examples about the packaging and segmenting of TTML can be found on github.


This work is made available under a license that allows modifications and interactions. Please share this document around you for reviews.

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