August 29, 2013 by Romain Bouqueau

Meet the GPAC Team @ IBC 2013

The GPAC Team will attend IBC 2013!

We will be there all week to talk about GPAC and the new opportunities of GPAC Licensing. This includes but doesn't limit to:

  • discussions about the way you use GPAC;
  • the past and future industry contributions;
  • the future of GPAC: features, new formats, architecture, ...
  • the code licensing;
  • the support and expertise activities.

GPAC Licensing was created to create a bridge with the industry. We are looking forward to meeting you and get your opinion on GPAC!

The hot subjects are:

  • the MP4 muxing stack and the MP4Box tool;
  • the MPEG2-TS muxing stack and the MP42TS tool;
  • the DASH packaging and playback capabilities, including our new DashCast tool (feedback welcome);
  • GPAC HEVC capabilities with many GPAC powered demos around IBC;
  • the GPAC HTML5 Media Source (MSE) implementation, which to deploy this W3C technologies on small systems targetted by GPAC.

If you are interested in meeting in touch, or for any other question, please contact us!

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