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How We Work

  1. Ideation

    We look for a mutual fit, together. Our customers are partners towards building outstanding technology. You bring the ideas, we help you make them a reality.

  2. Execution

    We commit the right team of architects, developers, designers, devOps and QA to ensure the best execution. We iterate quickly, fail fast, and boldly focus on what works.

  3. Operation

    We build, operate, and transfer the technology.

Let's discuss your project
Motion Spell - Media technology innovators
Our heart beats in Paris. Our soul is everywhere.


Logo of GPAC licensing

GPAC Licensing

Professional media tools backed by over 20 years of video and broadcast industry experience. GPAC Licensing is exclusively handled by Motion Spell.

Logo of compliance testing

Compliance testing

A versatile compliance testing framework for media streams.

Logo of live subtitle

Live Subtitle Insertion

Lightweight, standard-compliant, live subtitle insertion for OTT, that just works everywhere.

About Us

Romain Bouqueau

I founded Motion Spell in 2012 with the initial mission to provide professional licenses and services around the acclaimed GPAC project.
The company then expanded into a media technology company both providing consulting and building software. We bring years of experience to provide the best-in-class solutions.